Summer Camps

Flexibility Means Choices for Parents


  • Overlapping Age Groups
    • Children who have just completed 2nd grade can attend Friendship Day Camp or Velocity Boys/Blaze Girls Camp. We understand some children are not ready for overnight camp yet and would benefit the most from a day camp experience. We do have some children in this age group  attend both Friendship Day Camp and Velocity Boys Camp or Blaze Girls Camp.
    • New for 2020! We are introducing Brave Children's Camp, a day camp for older children, this summer. Children who have completed 2nd grade- completed 5th grade are eligilble to attend. The 2nd grade year remains flexible for parents and children are eligible for Friendship Day Camp, Brave Children's Camp, and Velocity Boys Camp or Blaze Girls Camp. Additionally, any child attending the Brave Day Camp is welcome to attend the Velocity Boys or Blaze Girls Camp. We do anticipate some children in this age group attending more than one camp, so Bible Studies will be different at each one. 
    • Children who have just completed the 6th grade can attend Momentum Youth Camp or Velocity Boys/Blaze Girls Camp. Parents can choose the experience that is the best fit for their child. We do have some children in this age group attend both Velocity Boys/Blaze Girls Camp and Momentum Youth Camp.
  • Simultaneous Girls & Boys Camps

Traditionally Blaze Girls Camp and Velocity Boys Camp were conducted during separate weeks of the summer. For summer 2014, we made a strategic decision to conduct both camps simultaneously and offer two sessions of children's camps. Our goal was to make summer scheduling easier for parents and churches. Each week we conducted Blaze and Velocity separately- the only common elements being meals and worship. Simultaneous camps were successful! We received positive feedback from families, churches, and Friendship Camps staff. We are excited to continue offering simultaneous Girls and Boys Camp! Parents can choose to send all their 2nd - 6th-grade children to camp during the same week.


2020 Update: We continue to offer simultaneous Boys & Girls Camps. However, last  year we offered one session of camp instead of two. Our camps were bigger and more exciting! We will only offer one session again this year. Early registration is highly recommended.

  • Optional Friendship Day Camp Extended Session

For summer 2020, we will offer an optional extended session. Parents can choose to pick-up their day camper from 11:45 - 12:00 pm, or choose a longer day camp experience and pick-up their child from 3:45 - 4:00.


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