Use by Other Groups

Camp Availability, Reservations, and Confirmations


·    We keep a calendar of possible availability dates on our website. Our facilities are available for use throughout the year.  However, during the winter (please see calendar for specific dates), camp usage will be limited to day use only to allow us to winterize our cabins and RV campground. This winterizing limits camp usage to Outdoor Facilities, the Dining Hall, and the Gymnasium during this time period.

·    Reservations are required for use and cannot be made more than 12 months in advance- we do not allow standing reservations. Tentative reservations can be made by using the online form (preferred method) or by calling the FBA office. Confirmed reservations are secured by completing and returning the necessary forms and required deposits to the FBA office by the stipulated due date.

·    As a matter of stewardship, we reserve the right to develop waiting lists for reserved dates to fill cancellations.


Fees, Deposit, and Refund Policy


For Non-member Churches, Religious Entities, Private Groups, Individuals:

  • Usage fees as per Confirmed Reservation and Usage Agreement. Please fill out a reservation request to obtain fees. 

·    Overnight Use Policy for cabins: A minimum 2-day use is required. During the summer: A minimum 3-day use is required. During July: A minimum 3-day use + minimum group size of 65 is required.

·    A 10% deposit is required to hold a reservation on the calendar, with the balance due at check-out. If damages are incurred during use of Friendship Camp, the deposit will be applied to these costs first and then to the balance due.

·    Deposits are 100% refundable due to cancellation 60 days prior to check-in. No refund given after this time period.


Swimming Pool: Lifeguard Fee for all groups


·    $12.50 / hr. / lifeguard

·    Swimming pool use must be arranged in advance for a minimum 2-hour block of time. The number of lifeguards required is determined by group size. Lifeguard fees are payable at time of service or at check-out.


Responsibilities, Damages, Insurance for all users


·    The group leader is expected to check-in with the Friendship Camp Manager at arrival, and check-out with the manager at departure. Any fees due or other costs incurred, as determined by the camp manager, during camp usage must be paid (checks preferred) at the time of check-out.

·    The group leader will be given a copy of the Friendship Camp Rules and Responsibilities at check-in by the Friendship Camp Manager. It is the responsibility of this individual to ensure that all group members follow the policies and procedures of Friendship Camp.

·    Guests will be expected to pay for any damages or breakage incurred while using the facilities of Friendship Camp. The sponsoring entity will be asked to acknowledge and accept this policy to secure a reservation to use Friendship Camp. The group leader will be responsible for informing the Camp Manager of any damages to property or furnishings during camp usage.

·    The sponsoring entity is responsible for the group’s liability insurance while using the facilities of Friendship Camp. Proof of insurance will be required prior to usage of Friendship Camp.

·    The sponsoring entity will be required to sign an Association Facility Usage and Hold Harmless Agreement before using Friendship Camp. The group leader must present the properly signed document as part of the check-in process.




Registration is open! Visit the summer camp page for more info.


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