A Ministry of Friendship Baptist Association
A Ministry of Friendship Baptist Association 

Get involved

"Together we Build Friendship" is more than a slogan. It's a truth.

Friendship Camp is a year-round team effort. There's a place and a way for everyone to serve.

You can help...

...by connecting

It's a small effort to connect with us or to like a Facebook post, but those simple steps help you to stay involved in our ministry.

  1. Like our Facebook page - We share updates, needs, and praises through this page. Follow along so you always know how to pray for the ministry!
  2. Don't have Facebook? Email fba@winstream.net to let them know you want the Word&Way newsletter.
  3. Like or comment on our social media posts. This helps us connect better with all our friends.
  4. Share a Facebook post - Help encourage others to be involved by sharing our prayer requests, donation needs, and missionary opportunities.
  5. Tell your church - about how God is using Friendship Camp. Ask them to share prayer requests, events, and other needs.
  6. Have a missionary speak - Call the the FBA office at (229) 937-2350 to ask if somebody can share about Friendship Camp with your church or youth group.

...by praying

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. -Colossians 4.2

  1. Pray for our Camp Development Committee - Did you know there's a group of men who are tasked with making decisions for the campgrounds? Pray for wisdom and guidance for this committee.
  2. Pray for our Camp Manager - Maintenance of Friendship Camp is a big job. Let's pray for Colten Cannady.
  3. Pray for Camp Directors - Friendship Baptist Association plans four different summer camps each June. Pray now that God will lead, guide, and help our Camp Directors.
  4. Pray for Camp Missionaries - We should always be praying that God will raise up new leaders and camp missionaries who have a heart for sharing the gospel.
  5. Pray for Campers - Begin praying now that God will work in the hearts of campers so they are prepared to meet with him this summer.
  6. Pray for ??? - The Camp Development Committee picks prayer requests each month. Connect with us through the steps above to stay up-to-date.
  7. Share prayer requests - Ask your Bible Study groups, Sunday School classes, and more to pray for the many people involved at Friendship Camp.

...as an indvidual

Want to be more hands-on in your involvement? Here's how you can help.

  1. Come to the annual camp workday - Each April there's an annual camp workday to help prepare the campgrounds for summer ministry.
  2. Volunteer to weed or mow - Even if it's a one-time thing, this helps free valuable time for the Camp Manager to do other things.
  3. Powerwash a building - There are currently ten buildings on the campgrounds. Ask the Camp Manager if any of them need to be cleaned.
  4. Help build - Friendship Camp frequently has building projects. If you have skills and are interested in being part of our next project, please let the FBA office know. You can email fba@windstream.net so we know to contact you for help.
  5. Serve as a Summer Camp Day Missionary - We always need good summer camp missionaries but not everyone feels able to sleep in a cabin with the kids. That's why we welcome people to serve during the daytime. If you want to see how God works out at Friendship Camp, then pick a week to serve.
  6. Serve as an overnight missionary - While we welcome you to spend time however you can as a camp volunteer, we also can't do camps without overnight chaperones.
  7. Advocate for Friendship Camp - Our churches don't always hear the latest news. You can help by sharing our needs, requests, and more with your church leadership.
  8. Recruit new leaders - Friendship Camp is a valuable discipleship tool because we welcome youth and young adults to serve God as part of our family. Help encourage them to apply as either weeklong volunteers or as AIM Missionaries.


The Camp Development Team has a vision for Friendship Camp to improve facilities so God can further use the campgrounds for His glory.

  1. One-time donation - Just a simple one-time donation to Together We Build can go a long ways to helping the Camp Development committee achieve their goals.
  2. Monthly pledge - But if you want to give more regularly, please contact the Friendship Baptist Association at (229) 937-2350.
  3. Legacy donation - Consider naming Friendship Camp as a benefactor in your will.

...as a group

Friendship Camp is better when whole churches are involved.

Ask our Camp Manager how your church group can become involved in Friendship Camp. From church-sponsored work days to cabin adoptions, there's sure to be a way for your church to be on mission at the camp.

Physical Address:

Friendship Camp

2404 Hwy 30 West

Americus, GA  31719


(229) 937-2350

Fax: (229) 937-2351


Business office address:

Friendship Baptist Association

504 E Oglethorpe St

Ellaville, GA  31806

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